More Grail T-shirts….

…..Because why the fuck not!

Actually, most of my RTW t-shirts are fairly old at this point and are now sprouting holes.  Since I’m also endeavoring to try to make most of my clothes instead of buying them it was past time to make some replacement t-shirts!  🙂


So, just in time for things to start cooling down [which is still weird for me- things don’t start to cool down in Charleston til October!] I sew t-shits!  I used awesome bamboo jersey again, this time in red and stone.

There’s not much more to say about construction at this point, that hasn’t been said beforemultiple times, expect I do find I’m able to get a t-shirt out of 1 yard of fabric 🙂


These are all done in the scoop neck, which I feel is easier to dress-up than the crew neck.


No pattern matching, no fucks given!

The other t-shirt is scoop neck again with the 3/4 length sleeve, which is coming in handy with these cool mornings!

This one gave me a bit of trouble….when I cut the front UPSIDE DOWN!!  I am really not used to directional prints.  I tried and tried to eek out another cut, but there just wasn’t enough fabric left.  Luckily, since I had picked it up from my local fabric shop, I was able to pick up some more.

P.S. It’s an Art Gallery Jersey….you can find it online here if you’re not lucky enough to have an awesome local fabric shop 😉


Hair flip!

After I had completed the body I decided it was a little busy for my taste and need something to breakup the pattern…hence ringer tee!
I used leftover cranberry ponte for the neckline and sleeves, the weight matched the jersey pretty well 🙂

I have been meaning to participate in Allie J’s monthly Social Sew….but never could quite get it together, until now!!  Yes, September is Tried and True month and considering this is my third blog post about the Grail t-shirt and fifth, sixth & SEVENTH make I’d say that qualifies as Tried and True 😉




24 thoughts on “More Grail T-shirts….

    • Nice! I actually grew up in Chapel Hill and my parents still live there. Unfortunately, I’m no longer in the North Cackalcky, but I go to Mulberry Silks so frequently the ladies were surprised to hear I live in East TN now!


    • Thanks! Yeah, I got real lucky when I moved up here. There’s no Jo-Ann’s and now there’s no Hancock, but there’s an awesome locally owned Quilting shop that stocks a small (but AWESOME) selection of knits 😀


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