Outfit Along 2018!

Yes! Despite only getting half-way through last years Outfit Along I’m giving it another go!
….also…. I had meant to get this up at the beginning of June, but that obviously didn’t happen…. so, uh…. things aren’t looking so good for this year either 😦


But I will tell you about what I’m making, even if it’s doomed for failure!  The suggested patterns for this years Outfit Along are the knitted linen top Waters by Andi Satterlund and the Lander Pants & Shorts by True Bias.

I am nothing if not suggestible and so will be doing the Waters top and Lander shorts 🙂


Despite how the picture looks I’m actually making decent progress on this.  I’m using Lindy Chain in Mist and Navy…. it’s a linen, cotton blend and is a lot cheaper than the suggested yarn.  I’m knitting up a size large and as always had to go up a needle size to get the correct gauge.


The shorts though are a whole different story :-/  Similar to last year I got everything traced, a muslin cut out….. and then got a bit side tracked….  but, I’m hopeful I can get back on track!  I used the discount code to get some navy washable linen from The Confident Stitch.  I briefly thought about tapping my inner patriot and buying red linen, but decided to go with the more versatile option.

Now, a very small part of the reason not a lot has been done on these is because I was taking my time and working on another pair of bottoms….


Can you tell what these are??  They’re no where near done and are going on the back burner for a bit, but I basted together my Ginger Jeans!!  A WIP post will follow at some point giving updates on this 🙂

But for now stay tuned and wish me luck with the Outfit Along!


Me Made May 2018- Last Bit!


Day Twenty-one: My newest Grail/Renfrew smash-up and my wool Zinnia!


Day Twenty-Two: Spring Moneta


Day Twenty-three:  Grail t-shirt and Zinnia skirt


Day Twenty-four:  Peony Dress!


Day Twenty-five: Deer head Grail t-shirt


Day Twenty-six: Another hacked Grail t-shirt…. this was taken after a long, booze filled wet day in Asheville with friends 🙂


Day Twenty-seven: ….. yes… more Grail t-shirts


Day Twenty-eight: More Peony Dress


Day Twenty-nine: Grail t-shirt and Zinnia skirt again.


Day Thirty: Spring Moneta….again


Day Twenty-nine: Last, but not least seersucker Hawthorne!

And there you have it another Me Made May in the books.  It was filled with repeats and Grail t-shirts, BUT I managed to meet my goal!  I took a picture every day and had only one Me Made Underwear Day 😉  Not too shabby!

Even More Grail T-shirts…..now with more pattern hacking!

Yes!  As promised here are my most recent Grail T-shirt additions…. which have joined their SEVEN other sisters in my closet! …side note…it would’ve been eight, but I’ve some how seemed to have lost one of my bamboo t-shirts  😦 😦

No matter! Check out my new ones!


Both these shirts were created to replace/replicate beloved RTW shirts that are either too small or just plain worn out….both actually from Banana Republic!

First up we have another Grail/Refrew mashup!


This is the exact same as my first Grail/Renfrew mashup except in this lovely lilac/grape.  I used a Bamboo jersey, because I’m a sucker for bamboo, in mauve.


Sadly, I bought this over a year ago from Mood and they are no longer selling this color 😦  Especially, sad since all my co-workers were telling me what a great color it was on me.  However… Mood always has a pretty nice selection of bamboo jersey.


It’s replacing a lovely cowl-neck short sleeve light sweater thing.  Perfect for Charleston winters, however, sadly quite lacking for East Tennessee winters 😦  Also, if we’re being honest way too small for my current figure!


I’m wearing it with gray wool Zinnia skirt…. this was probably a bit much for the current weather…but with the AC cranked at work it wasn’t too bad.

Next up we have a completely new pattern hacking!


So, this is inspired in equal measures by a ballet scoop top I had that I wore until it more or less fell apart and a t-shirt a co-worker had….and the Nettie bodysuit if we’re being honest.


For the front of the shirt I used the crew neck pattern piece in order to have a somewhat high neckline, but not too high.  In the back I retraced the neck opening to be much lower-  I used the scoop neck pattern piece as a guide.  I also shortened the 3/4 length sleeve to a half sleeve length.


The fabric is again a black bamboo jersey from Mood.  And while it is a cat hair magnet, I swear it’s not nearly as bad as it looks in some of these photos!

I have notice some issues with the shoulders staying up….but honestly nothing too bad and a lot less than I expected.  I’m always amazed at how people mange to get the SUPER scoop back tops and dresses to stay on…. what’s their secret??? Really good posture? ….magic?? ….double sided tape???


I’m counting this as my 2nd and 3rd make in the 2018 Make Nine challenge!  Woohoo! 1/3 of the way there 😀






Me Made May 2018- Week Three


Day Fourteen- More Grail t-shirts…. (There are so many Grail T-shirts I’m only linking this first one)….I also took this late at night so apologies for the lighting….



Day Fifteen- Yup more Grail t-shirts…. I just finished another hacked version so I’ll hopefully be posting about it and this one.



Day Sixteen- Moneta, I love this version and need another short sleeved one in my life 🙂



Day Seventeen-  Grail t-shirts again, but also my Zinnia skirt 🙂



Day Eighteen- Why, yes I did wear the same shirt I did yesterday…. and no, I do not give a shit 😉



Day Nineteen- My deer head Grail t-shirt



Day Twenty-  …..Aaaand last, but not least, more Grail T-shirts 😉

Me Made May 2018- Week One & Two!


Day One: This is an as yet unblogged Grail T-shirt….. stay tuned for more details 🙂



Day Two- Another unblogged Grail T-shirt! This one I made last year, just in time for cold weather :-/



Day Three- MORE Grail T-shirts!  You will notice a theme…. we were actually moving offices this week so it was all casual all the time!



Day Four- ….yes, another Grail T-shirt! And back in Charleston for the weekend!



Day Five- My seersucker Hawthrone!  This was taken at my old work… I had come down to see my last group of Cadets graduate 😀



Day Six-  My newest Moneta!  Take on the best porch in Charleston just before heading back to the Mountains 😦



Day Seven- The Violet blouse!  I’ve decided I need to make some tweaks on this pattern before I make another one :-/



Day Eight-  Navy and green Moneta!  Because who doesn’t love navy & green!



Day Nine- Grail T-shirt and Zinna Skirt…. a favorite combination!



Day Ten- My one and only (hopefully) Me Made underwear day! Rocking a pair of Rosy Shorts under there 😉



Day Eleven- My unblogged Peony dress…. I also donated blood!



Day Twelve- This is actually the second Me Made outfit for this day…. the first one got all gross planting our container garden 🙂



Day Thirteen- If you think today’s outfit looks surprisingly similar to yesterdays… you are correct!  I only wore it for like 3 hours yesterday 😉

Works in Progress XIX…. plus Me Made May 2018!

So…. I totally had to look up what 19 was in Roman numerals 😦   I may have to re-think my numbering system….

But at any rate! Here’s what I’ve been working on!


Unfortunately, in the case of my knitting not only has no progress been made…. there has actually been negative progress!  That’s right mere rows before coming to the end of my cowl I decided I didn’t like my interpretation of the pattern and ripped it almost back to the beginning 😦

I’m trying again to more closely follow the pattern (despite it making NO sense) just to see how it turns out….but, as you can imagine I haven’t really gotten too in to it :-/

HOWEVER! The wheels are turning on a new summer sweater!!


On the other hand, I’ve been hard at work and have almost completed my ninth and tenth Grail t-shirt!  These ones will both involve some pattern hacking on the original…. and fit in with my Make Nine plan- BONUS!



My Ginger jeans took a bit of a back burner when I decided I wanted the somewhat immediate gratification of a Grail t-shirt….. but I’m hoping to get back to them very soon!


Which brings us to Me Made May!!  I’ll be participating again…. getting in just under the wire (per usually)….

I, Liz of Liz-o-matic, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavor to wear at least one visible me made item every day for the month of May 2018.

Last year I had a handful of me made underwear days…. this year my goal is to limit it to only one day!  I’m also going to try to be better about getting a photo EVERY day!

Spring Moneta in Art Gallery Print!

I actually started this project last fall. I finished everything except hemming when the weather turned cold….. and then lost any and all interest in finishing it, but with the weather warming back up**… why not?!


This is my third crack at the Moneta…. and I feel I may have finally worked the kinks out! 😀


I’ve made a couple more tweaks and adjustments.  The main one, which I feel has helped the fit for me, is I graded the shoulders down to a size M.   This is increasingly becoming a fairly necessary adjustment for me.  I could learn to do a proper narrow shoulder adjustment…. but, eh….. this is working so far 😉

image1(6) (1)

The other adjustment was finishing the sleeves and neck with a band, a la my beloved Grail t-shirt, as opposed to just turning it under.  I used zigzag stitching throughout- I have given up trying to make friends with the Twin Needle…. it is the devil and I will have no part of it!


The fabric is an Art Gallery print (I’m pretty sure?) from my local fabric store… every time I go in there it takes all my strength to not walk out with one of each of their knit fabrics!!

Keen eyed observers will notice there is a very subtle direction to the print (one of the flowers has a stem!)…. even keener eyed observes will note that despite being aware of the directionality of the print I still managed to cut one of the skirt panels upside down!  *face palm*  Eh….at least it’s not as bad as upside down deer heads!


I was stepping a bit outside my comfort zone with this one….not only is it rocking a fairly busy pattern, but it has (just a bit) of neon!!  My firm opinion of neon is it wasn’t a good look in the 80’s/early 90’s and 25-35 years has not improved it!!  ….this actually extends to ALL fashion from that time period- stop trying to bring it back!  *Shakes fist at young teens, before yelling at them to get off my lawn*


But it must look good on me, because I was getting all the compliments when I wore it out the first time!  Which is good, because I’m pretty sure I have enough leftover to make a t-shirt 😀


** These were all LIES- the temperature has dropped and yesterday it actually snowed 😥

Cotton Flannel Carolyn Pajamas in Navy…..FINALLY!

Yes…. I have finally finished my Carolyn Pajamas….. after only 1.5 years.  This project may have upset my Vogue Cape as the longest sewing WIP.


My husband completely directed this shot… down to the tiny coffee cup… it was adorably hilarious!

I actually started this intending to post it to Allie J’s Social Sew– RIP 😥  But, obviously did not quite finish it in time.
This is my first crack at the Carolyn Pajamas and my first crack at a Closet Case Pattern (hooray branching out!)….. so of course I choose the most complicated version- Version B with piping….  And no muslin!  Shock, HORROR…. Liz not muslin!!! What is the world coming to??!?!


Yes!  Partly in order to save time so I could finish in time for the Social Sew [HAHAHAhaha…HAHAhaha :-D], but also because it seems very silly to muslin a pair of pajamas :-/  Therefore, I cut straight into my fabric- Kaufman Shetland Flannel Herringbone in Navy…..and surprisingly enough it worked out!


I really like the fabric!  It takes stitching really well in that way where the thread just sinks in 🙂  Unfortunately, I have noticed some piling on the bottoms which have already gotten a few washes 😦


I dug through my Grandmother’s button collection and hemmed & hawed about the buttons.  I finally decided on these, rather large, white buttons.  I think they’re made out of shell or mother of pearl… or something?  You’ll notice there’s only 4, whereas the pattern calls for 5- how very astute of you!  Yeah… despite my exhaustive digging I could only find 4, but it actually works since they’re so big.
Also… after sewing all the button holes I discovered I had actually bought buttons specifically for this project and “cleverly” tucked them in my project bag… where upon I promptly forgot about them!  But I actually like my vintage buttons a lot better 😀


As I said before this was my first Closet Case Pattern…. despite owning like 5… I have a hoarding problem :-/

The directions took some getting used to…. there wasn’t as many pictures as I would like, being a very visual learner.  But the two tutorials Heather did on sewing the piping and the notch collar were invaluable!
FYI: I did NOT make my own piping- because I may be crazy, but I’m not fucking crazy 😉 I used this one.  Also, this pattern uses A LOT of piping, despite the minimum order I only have one full package left.


I shortened both the pants and top by about 1 inch, but it’s still a little too long….Heather is a GIANT!! …..Or more likely I am very short, either way, just be forewarned all my vertically challenged sewing friends 😉
I’m wondering if I maybe even need to go down a size??  I’ve lost about 10 pounds since the time I started on this… ugh I just realized I may have to re-trace all those little pieces 😦


Overall, I really like this pattern!  It’s stylish AND incredibly comfortable…. I already have an absurd amount of fabric for other versions- including a super cute summer version!
In the meantime, this will nicely fill my winter pajama hole… and none too soon! We got 2 inches of snow last night!!


This marks my first make in my 2018 Make Nine Challenge!!  Woohoo- one down eight to go 😉

Works in Progress XVIII….. plus bonus Finished objects!!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done one of these…. and I’m actually working on stuff for a change!

I’ve finally gotten back into working on my Carolyn Pajamas…. and after over a year (!) I finally finished…. the bottoms :-/


Where upon I promptly put them on and got to work on the top 🙂

I’ve also started a new knitting project.


A super chunky, super squish cowl!  I got the yarn and freebie pattern from Purl’s Yarn Emporium…. a shop everyone should check out if they ever find themselves in Asheville 🙂

Both these projects will fit in nicely with my “Winter is Coming Wardrobe”- the pajamas in particularly will fill a distinct me-made pajama gap in my wardrobe (winter or otherwise)!

Closest Case Files has also declared it No Fear Jeans Month…. and while I’m not crazy enough to declare I’m going to sew my Ginger Jeans this month…. that would be crazy!  I am going to take it as a hint from the Universe to finally *start* on them!


Ginger Jeans

I’m setting the very modest goal of settling on a size and tracing the pattern 🙂  ….which makes this post, that was just posted incredibly useful! Thanks Heather!

And finally my first make of 2018:


Oh Lulu Grace Panties!  I had cut these out eons ago and finally got around to making them.  I added the tiny little buttons so now their vaguely nautical themed 🙂  I’m pretty sure I salvaged those buttons from another pair of undies that got destroyed in the dryer- hooray recycling!

2018 Make Nine Challenge

This is a bit late in coming, but I wanted to change things up slightly this year for New Years resolutions/ goals for the year.  In the past I’ve focused on fairly broad goals, like “Sew More”, and even when I had fairly specific goals, like “Knit a Sweater”, they were still fairly broad.

…..So…. I’m changing things up!  This year I’m going to try to participate in the #2018MakeNine challenge as my “goals” for 2018.


So…. some most of these have been on my “To Do” list for quite a while :-/  ….but better late than never….right?

  1. Sew Ginger Jeans!  I’ve got the pattern, I’ve got the fabric…. shit I even bought the class!! No more excuses I will sew these! (but…uh…just in case don’t hold your breath)
  2. Sew the Brooklyn skirt!  This is another one where I literally have everything…. I’ve technically kind of even started on this one (I’ve cut out, but haven’t sewn a muslin)
  3. Make a Winter Hawthorn–  I’ve decided I need a winter dress…. and this seemed to fit the bill.  I again have everything I need to complete it….. are you noticing a trend???
  4. Make another Grail/Renfrew mashup – I get a lot of use out of my navy version and I feel I need another one in my Winter is Coming Wardrobe!
  5. Make a summer Grail T-shirt!  Because I needed to throw something summer-y in hear…. and also my RTW t-shirts are way past their prime.
  6. Knit a sweater! I’m kinda liking this semi tradition of making a new sweater each year, plus I seriously wear my Armande sweater all. the. time.
  7. Make the Kim Dress…. Yeah…I still haven’t really started this one….despite it being a key component in my (ill-fated) Outfit Along attempt.
  8. Finish my damn Carolyn Pajamas!  This has been a languishing WIP for well over a year!! Their time has come!
  9. Now the last one is a bit of a cheat…. I’m giving myself a Wild Card!  Just in case something comes up that I absolutely must do… the only framework I’ll give myself now is that it can’t be an “easy” project.

Now, you may have noticed a theme….in that most of these projects I already had the fabric.  In fact for all of these projects I should already have the fabric, because my other goal for this year is to stash bust!  I have all this great fabric that I just hoard, so no fabric buying for at least 6 months!  ….we shall see how long I last :-/