Violet Shirt in Vintage Fabric

What’s this?! A finished object post???  Yes, at long last I actually finished something I started sewing!

IMG_2491 (1)

This is the Violet shirt by Colette patterns (shown with my Zinnia).  I bought a couple of years ago when they put a bunch of their old paper patterns on sale… I am not down with PDFs and sensed this would probably be my last chance to get the paper version.  And surprise, only the PDF is available now 😦

IMG_2492 (1)

Ignore my mysterious leg bruise!

I muslined (yes, it’s a verb now) this in a size 12 figuring that perhaps I had gained enough weight to necessitate it. NOPE! I discovered that while it fit in the bust, it was way too big every where else 😦  So, re-traced everything (le sigh) in the size 10 and did my usual 1 inch FBA. #bigboobproblems

IMG_2494 (1)

Speaking of….

I had some weird puckering going on with the bust darts that you can see here.  I’m not sure if I sewed them wrong, if the fabric is too stiff, or what…. I did press the ever loving shit out of it [with my fancy new tailors ham! Thanks Aunt Sandy!] which only seemed to help slightly.  Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated in the comments!

I finished the hem of the shirt with some leftover bias tape I had in my stash.  In the beginning I used this method because I had been a bit aggressive adjusting the length back down after the FBA, but I actually really like!


The fabric was given to me by my Mom, I believe she got it years ago at her church rummage sale.   It’s a vintage(-ish) Laura Ashley fabric from 1979…. how you may ask do I know such a precise year…..


The fabric is similar in weight to a quilting cotton weight fabric, maybe even a bit stiffer.  I was treating this as a kind of wearable muslin, so free fabric that I had quite a few yards of seemed a safe bet 🙂

IMG_2493 (1)

Overall, this was a good and decently quick make AND it’s a good shirt!  I had fears at first it was going to be too twee or look like a school uniform, but I’m actually really digging it.  Future adjustments though I will try are to grade down a size in the shoulder and maybe even try to adjust the arm scythe- it’s a bit low.

I’ve a got a couple of different yards of fancier fabric I’ve bought specifically for this pattern over the years, so hopefully I’ll be able to crank out a few more!

And finally, in conclusion, here are some shots of me and my co-workers messing around during our lunchtime photo shoot!

My co-worker shot these and you should TOTALLY check-out/follow her on Instagram- @maeggycakes23

IMG_2519 (1)

Behold!  Mary the Elephant!



Me Made May Musings…. plus Works in Progress

So, my first Me Made May is officially done!  I missed a couple of days taking pictures and had a few Me Made Underwear days, but overall I’m calling this a success!


Things I learned!

  1. It was actually not as hard as I thought to pull this off!  Yes, I had a shit ton of repeats… but overall I was able to do it!
  2.  A surprising gap I have in my wardrobe is casual, weekend wear!  I’ve got work appropriate skirts and tops pretty well covered, but I have ZERO me made causal bottoms to wear on the weekends.
  3.  Along the same lines as point 2.  I have NO me made pajamas…. or rather to be more precise-  I have no me made pajamas that don’t have a giant rip in the butt because I’ve gained like 20 lbs since moving 😦
  4. I have a small collection of me made items that are just not in regular rotation at all for a variety of reasons.
  5.  I look much better in pictures when I stand up straight…. but don’t tell my mother, she’s been harping on me for years to stand up straight :-/

So… moving forward I have a rough plan for some causal makes, some pajama makes, and maybe even finally giving the Ginger jeans a crack!  I did after all shell out $50 for the class!!

Works in Progress

In other news,  I’m hoping to finally finish the Violet I’ve been working on….


All I have left are the buttons and button holes…. this should be a whole hell of a lot easier with my new machine 😀

And in keeping with my whole being more active in the online sewing community I will be participating in the Outfit Along!!


Yes…. I’ve never participated in a Sewalong…. I’ve never participated in a Knitalong…. I’ve never even finished a sweater in less than 8 months, but I’m doing the Outfit Along….. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!?!

But seriously, I have no illusions that I will be able to finish this in two months.  I’m just hoping to do the dress and get a decent start on the sweater…. I’ll do a more full-ish post on this, including the sweater pattern (hint it’s not the official sweater pattern) and the dress 🙂  So stay tuned!



Me Made May- Week 4.5

The last week in May! Woohoo I made it through!!  I’ll return next week with my thoughts regarding an entire month wearing at least one handmade item each day…. but until then:


Day 28: Ah yes… more Grail t-shirts!



Day 29: Memorial Day!  The original plan was to sew…. but instead I got distracted by container gardening.  And yes EVEN more Grail t-shirts…. plus RTW jeans that are on it’s last legs 😦



Day 30: What’s this???  A “new” dress?  This is actually an old dress….that I hardly wear :-/ It’s the Crepe wrap dress by Colette patterns in lilac gingham seersucker.  It’s good dress/pattern, just a bit too cutesy for regular rotation.



Day 31: Last day! Ending strong…. with more Grail t-shirts! 😀  Hooray!


And thus ends my very first Me Made May 😀


Me Made May- Week 4

Well, it’s Memorial Day and I’ve just come back from another long weekend helping the parental units 😀
I’m hoping to still get some sewing and knitting in today…. maybe even have a finished object post for later this week 😉


Day 21:  It was a rainy lazy day…. and another me- made underwear day.  Here I am trying to ham it up and actually showing my undies….. SCANDAL *clutches pearls*!


Day 22: Zinnia skirt and more Grail t-shirts of course!


Day 23: Even MORE Grail t-shirts!!  Apologies for the weird lighting…. which highlights my need to clean my mirror.


Day 24: Green Peony Dress


Day 25: Grail t-shirt and RTW dress pants


Day 26: Again Grail t-shirt (deer head this time) and RTW jeans


Day 27: I forgot to get a picture of today’s outfit, but it was… you guessed it! Grail t-shirt (the red one this time) and RTW pants.


So, there you have it!  Another Grail t-shirt heavy week :-/
We’re in the home stretch now, just a few more days left….expect more Grail t-shirts 😉

Me Made May- Week 3

I’m back!  And this time kinda on schedule 🙂


Day 14:  So I forgot to get a picture this day.  We were driving back from my parents and by the time I remembered…. I didn’t care.  It was another me made underwear day though :-/


Day 15: Back taking proper pictures and my husband trying to photobomb them, the mysterious blur in the background is a pillow case he was waving 😀
Here I’ve got my pin dot Zinnia and a RTW t-shirt.


Day 16:  My seersucker hawthorn dress…. and a kitty!


Day 17: My un-blogged Peony dress, plus RTW sweater.  P.S. I didn’t mention this before, but it’s actually made out of quilting cotton!


Day 18:  I’ve decided that this is probably my best fitting garment.  And it should be! This is my third Peony.  If you click through to the original post, you can see that the green eyelet fabric has shrunk up over time exposing the navy lining…. which I actually really like 🙂

Day 19 & 20:  You get another twofer…. and yes I wore the same t-shirt two days in a row, what of it?! Both days I wore the Grail t-shirt (both days with RTW bottoms) The second picture was taken on a hike on Buffalo Mountain, I’m working on being more active 🙂

And there you have it!  A lot less Grail t-shirts this week as promised…. although I did just buy some fabric for MORE Grail t-shirts 😉

Me Made May – Week Two

HELLO!!! I had meant to get this up Sunday, thus creating a regular posting schedule…..but I was driving back from the parents house so that didn’t happen!


Day Seven: More grail shirts!  I told you to expect a lot of repeats… this was taken moments before I hit the road for a conference in Nashville.


Day Eight: The navy moneta!  This is driving back after a full day at the conference AND hours in the car…knit dress FTW!!!


Day Nine: Gray Flannel Zinnia… and…. grail t-shirt!


Day Ten: Can you guess??? Grail t-shirt!


Day Eleven: You may be confused by this….did I make khakis (circa 2006)? Have I branched into a side-line of uniform wear??? No- it was Orientation day at the university and sadly no room for me-made outerwear :-/
I am however wearing me-made underwear 😉

Day Twelve & Thirteen: This is essentially the same outfit… and surprise, surprise it’s grail t-shirts!!!  I went to my parent’s for the weekend to help around the house, both these photos were taken by my Mom after a very full day in the attic!

That’s it for week two!  5/7ths of this post is Grail t-shirts…. I wish I could tell you next week will be different, but I make no promises!

Me Made May – Week One

My first Me Made May week!! It was surprisingly easier than I thought. I realize now I’ve basically been wearing a good mix of handmades and RTW for a while now…. So, so far this hasn’t been that much of a stretch 🙂


Day One: This is the second Peony I made and my very first hand-knit sweater.  Both makes are pre-blog.  I’ve thought about doing a TBT post a la Sometimes Sewist for some of my pre-blog makes 🙂


Day Two:  Cat!  This is my blue pin-dot Zinnia Skirt and the first Vesta Grail t-shirt 😀


Day three: More Grail t-shirts!! Prepare to see these A LOT.  With some RTW jeans…. someday I will make my own!


Day Four:  Yes, EVEN more Grail t-shirts.  This is with an H & M shirt I quite literally got in college- it was technically too big when I got it and now it’s borderline too small :-/


Day Five: Apologies for the terrible lighting.  Queen of Hearts Moneta….. also Cat!


Husband: You look cold in the picture.  Me: That’s because I am cold!! It’s freezing!

Day Six:  The husband was home, so I decided to change it up and make him photograph me.  This is my knit infinity scarf, it took a turn for the cold and I had to bust it back out 😦

So, there you have it! Week one of Me Made May is in the books, hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up!

Me Made May 2017!!

Well, I was hoping to maybe have a finished  garment to post in conjunction with this, but work has been CRAZY….. and I also may or may not have binge watched a season of The Great British Baking Show aka The Great British Bake Off (because ‘Bake Off’ is a registered trademark in the US?).

[PS I had visions of going on this show after the first episode, which came to a screeching halt half-way through the the second episode when I realized if they had asked me to make savory biscuits I would’ve whipped up delicious buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy and would’ve promptly lost 😦 ]

At any rate…. In keeping with some of my new years resolutions I’m attempting to participate in my very first Me Made May!!  So… here goes:

 ‘I, Liz-o-matic of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear at least one handmade item each day for the duration of May 2017’

Because I still don’t have an Instagram I will be trying to post weekly round-ups, no promises though!  FYI- expect A LOT of repeats.

And with that I leave you with a photo of what is currently languishing on my sewing table.



Works in Progress XVI

Yes… it’s that time of the semester when I don’t want to do anything except maybe knit and binge watch Netflix 😦


I have been making good progress on both the husband’s scarf & my sweater 🙂
Not so much on the arm warmers….


Before things got SUPER busy I did have a mad tracing weekend and planned and traced a bunch of new patterns to start….which are still littered all over the living room floor, much to my husbands dismay :-/


I’ve also have a stop-gap fabric organization system.  I was getting super annoyed with the previous system of “bags & boxes of fabric all over the floor”, but I’m not sure when we’re going to be able to get to IKEA.  Hence, we have the new system…. “boxes stacked neatly off the floor”!

I also managed to score a pretty sweet haul of fabric from Mulberry Silks and the new Jo-Ann’s


I’m super excited about the floral & fruit fabric on top… it’s some sort of fancy washable silk that I can’t remember the name of right now :-/

Well…. there you have it! Hopefully, things will settle down at work soon and I’ll have some finished objects for you!

Green and Navy Knit Moneta…. aka Moneta Part Deux

I thought briefly about not posting the same patterns back to back and then I said screw it, it’s my blog I do what I want 😛


Yes, mere moments after I posted my last Moneta, I immediately got to work on my next one!  I first re-traced my pattern in my correct size large- and boy howdy, it is amazing how easy and quick this pattern goes when, you know, you pick the right fabric and size!!  With the right size this basically fit straight out of the envelop!


You can see in addition to changing up the size I added a collar!  I used some left over green knit Robert Kaufman fabric I got forever ago and just barely managed to eke out this collar with some clever tetrising (i.e. I COMPLETELY ignored grainline!)


Because the back overlap wouldn’t lay flat I threw a few hand stitches in there to force it to lay flat.  I had some difficulty with the front of the collar too.  You can see in the photo above it wants to roll up.  I tried clipping the curves and understitching it, which I think actually made it worse.  It’s not that big of a deal.  I’m sure I’m the only one who notices the width discrepancy between the front center and the shoulders of the collar, but any suggestions would be appreciated :-/


The body of the dress is a Navy interlock from Jo-ann’s…. yes, east Tennessee got a Jo-ann’s and I’m super excited!  At any rate, back to the fabric itself- it’s pretty decent and with my 20% off coupon, plus 30% off knits you couldn’t beat the price.  However, I’m a bit nervous that it’s already starting to fade.


I used the twin needle again to hem the skirt and sleeves and threw some green thread in there to match the collar 🙂
Things went a lot smoother this time and the hump between the stitching lines isn’t as bad either.  Maybe the twin needle isn’t actually the anti-christ afterall!?!


P.S. I may, or may not, have spilled food all over my new dress mere moments after these shots were taken :-/
But that’s ok- I’m already plotting my next Moneta…. this pattern may be the Grail t-shirt pattern for 2017 (FYI: I made that pattern 7 times in 2016!)


March is the last month for Allie J’s Social Sew 😥  The theme this month is anything goes… and hopeful that includes repeat sewing patterns!