Zinnia Skirt in Sand Washed Navy Tencel

This may be the most expensive object I’ve made….. and it is worth EVERY penny!!


This is (finally) my finished version 1 of the Zinnia skirt.  At some point I had vowed to make this skirt and promptly spent way too much money on this fabric (according to my husband, but what does he know!). The fabric then proceeded to sit in my stash for over a year :-/
It is sand washed tencel….. and HOLY SHIT it is like butter!
I mean look at this:


That was just a slight breeze 😉

The fabric came from Mulberry Silks…. which is were ALL my good fabric comes from!  They told me specific washing instructions….which I promptly forgot 😦  After some Googling, I decided to pre-wash it in the machine and handwash it for all subsequent washes.  I am usually pretty hard on my makes (machine wash ALL the things!), but I’m trying to be better about that :-/


The buttons are pretty awesome!  They are made from corozo or tagua nuts….. otherwise known as vegetable ivory.


This company is neat- everything is made in Brooklyn and although there is a minimum order, they have some pretty gorgeous buttons.


Construction was fairly simple and straight forward.  I busted out my new edgestitch foot for this…. and holy crap is that thing AWESOME!  I used it on practically everything, including, but not limited to: the pockets, the button placket and the waistband.


I decided to leave the pocket flaps off, because they just seemed un-necessary.  Also, pockets!!

I used French seams throughout, which coupled with the button placket makes for a very clean finish inside (which I forgot to photograph… you’ll have to take my word).

I cut this in a size 16, which was a size up from my usual size 14 for my two previous Zinnia skirts. I figured since my old Zinnia’s were getting a bit snug I should size-up….. and I was wrong 😦  This actually turned out to be a bit big, I probably should’ve stuck with my original size :-/


But it still works!  And of course what this means is I can’t lose any more weight 😉   …..in fact I should really have some extra cookies and ice cream to ensure a better fit 😀


If you recall I ran into some trouble with a mystery stain…. that is still a mystery, I have no idea what the fuck that was.  But true to everyone’s assurances they did come out with the first washing 🙂

And there you have it!  All I need now is to make Version 3 and I’ll have the Zinnia trifecta!


4 thoughts on “Zinnia Skirt in Sand Washed Navy Tencel

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