OAL 2017 Update and other stuff!

You will notice this is not a finished OAL 2017…. you will also notice the OAL deadline was like 4 weeks ago 😦

On the other hand:


I finished my sweater!!  This is the quickest start to finish sweater I’ve done….like 2.5 months.  So, despite not finishing in time for OAL deadline I’m quite pleased with myself 😀

On the other, other hand:


Yes…. ironies of ironies, I was convinced I’d be able to zip through the Kim Dress no problem and it would be the sweater preventing me from finishing, but it was the other way around 😦
It may be the seasons starting to change, but I can’t seem to get started on this :-/

So, having failed at the Outfit Along I decided to jump on Fringe Associations Summer of Basics…..2 weeks before it ended, because yes, I am insane!

In my head this was going to be easy….. my Zinnia skirt would be my first item, the Miette sweater would be number two, and a quick and easy T-shirt would be number three.

Easy peasy…..right?


And then for reasons I can’t fully explain, I did ZERO sewing in the month of August 😦   There was knitting to be sure….


And traveling to view awe inspiring astronomical events….


But no sewing…. or blogging for that matter 😦

On the other, other, other hand, after living in my house for over a year I’m finally getting it set up!!




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