Outfit Along 2018!

Yes! Despite only getting half-way through last years Outfit Along I’m giving it another go!
….also…. I had meant to get this up at the beginning of June, but that obviously didn’t happen…. so, uh…. things aren’t looking so good for this year either 😦


But I will tell you about what I’m making, even if it’s doomed for failure!  The suggested patterns for this years Outfit Along are the knitted linen top Waters by Andi Satterlund and the Lander Pants & Shorts by True Bias.

I am nothing if not suggestible and so will be doing the Waters top and Lander shorts 🙂


Despite how the picture looks I’m actually making decent progress on this.  I’m using Lindy Chain in Mist and Navy…. it’s a linen, cotton blend and is a lot cheaper than the suggested yarn.  I’m knitting up a size large and as always had to go up a needle size to get the correct gauge.


The shorts though are a whole different story :-/  Similar to last year I got everything traced, a muslin cut out….. and then got a bit side tracked….  but, I’m hopeful I can get back on track!  I used the discount code to get some navy washable linen from The Confident Stitch.  I briefly thought about tapping my inner patriot and buying red linen, but decided to go with the more versatile option.

Now, a very small part of the reason not a lot has been done on these is because I was taking my time and working on another pair of bottoms….


Can you tell what these are??  They’re no where near done and are going on the back burner for a bit, but I basted together my Ginger Jeans!!  A WIP post will follow at some point giving updates on this 🙂

But for now stay tuned and wish me luck with the Outfit Along!

Me Made May 2018- Last Bit!


Day Twenty-one: My newest Grail/Renfrew smash-up and my wool Zinnia!


Day Twenty-Two: Spring Moneta


Day Twenty-three:  Grail t-shirt and Zinnia skirt


Day Twenty-four:  Peony Dress!


Day Twenty-five: Deer head Grail t-shirt


Day Twenty-six: Another hacked Grail t-shirt…. this was taken after a long, booze filled wet day in Asheville with friends 🙂


Day Twenty-seven: ….. yes… more Grail t-shirts


Day Twenty-eight: More Peony Dress


Day Twenty-nine: Grail t-shirt and Zinnia skirt again.


Day Thirty: Spring Moneta….again


Day Twenty-nine: Last, but not least seersucker Hawthorne!

And there you have it another Me Made May in the books.  It was filled with repeats and Grail t-shirts, BUT I managed to meet my goal!  I took a picture every day and had only one Me Made Underwear Day 😉  Not too shabby!