Works in Progress XIX…. plus Me Made May 2018!

So…. I totally had to look up what 19 was in Roman numerals 😦   I may have to re-think my numbering system….

But at any rate! Here’s what I’ve been working on!


Unfortunately, in the case of my knitting not only has no progress been made…. there has actually been negative progress!  That’s right mere rows before coming to the end of my cowl I decided I didn’t like my interpretation of the pattern and ripped it almost back to the beginning 😦

I’m trying again to more closely follow the pattern (despite it making NO sense) just to see how it turns out….but, as you can imagine I haven’t really gotten too in to it :-/

HOWEVER! The wheels are turning on a new summer sweater!!


On the other hand, I’ve been hard at work and have almost completed my ninth and tenth Grail t-shirt!  These ones will both involve some pattern hacking on the original…. and fit in with my Make Nine plan- BONUS!



My Ginger jeans took a bit of a back burner when I decided I wanted the somewhat immediate gratification of a Grail t-shirt….. but I’m hoping to get back to them very soon!


Which brings us to Me Made May!!  I’ll be participating again…. getting in just under the wire (per usually)….

I, Liz of Liz-o-matic, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavor to wear at least one visible me made item every day for the month of May 2018.

Last year I had a handful of me made underwear days…. this year my goal is to limit it to only one day!  I’m also going to try to be better about getting a photo EVERY day!

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