Ohhh Lulu Grace Panties in Chevron!

…plus more Rosy Lady Shorts, but that’s slightly less exciting šŸ˜‰

Yes, it’s Halloween and what could be more frightening than my underwear!!


Actually, what truly is frightening is that after making the Rosy Lady Shorts FOUR times I realize I had been making them all wrong! :-/


And also that elastic lace has a wrong side and a right side….who knew?Ā  Evidently, I didn’t really read the directions at all when attaching said lace and just short of winged it.Ā  Surprise, surprise- they fit much better when you apply the elastic the right way!

These are made out of the leftover scraps from my Grail T-shirts…. and they are soooo comfortable!


I also gave my first crack at Oh Lulu’s Grace Hipster panties…. I used leftover scraps from my Grailed Renfrew and my Hawthorn dress.Ā  When I realized they had you cut the woven fabric on the bias I got adventurous and tried a chevron pattern šŸ™‚
This merely involved adding a center seam on the front and back pattern piece.

It looks very pretty, but will probably not hold up in the long run…. after only one wearing you could see the poor little threads straining at the center seam.Ā  Oh well, live and learn!


I was hoping to finish my Carolyn PJs in time for Allie J’s Sew Social….but yeah… that in no way is going to happen!Ā  However, that didn’t stop me from buying fabric for my next pair!!


9 thoughts on “Ohhh Lulu Grace Panties in Chevron!

    • Hahaha! Thanks friend! ….although I may give the wrong impression if I immediately start talking about my undies after just meeting someone šŸ˜‰ Only sewing friends will get it šŸ˜€


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