Cranberry Long Sleeved Grail T-shirt

Helllooooo dear reader!  I’ve got another finished garment to share with y’all….


That’s right ANOTHER Grail t-shirt for you!  You will recall She tried to thwart me…but I prevailed!

There’s not much more to say about the Grail pattern.  I still LOVE it and it is quickly becoming a TNT pattern.  I made the same shoulder adjustment here- which continues to seem to help.


I was nervous about the sleeves being too long, but they’re actually perfect!  Which probably means they’ll be too short for others, because I am fairly petite… you have been forewarned :-/


The sleeves themselves were SUPER tight…. like seriously, my arms felt like sausages!  I was thinking I maybe cut the wrong size or got off grain, but more and more I think it’s just the fabric.  [Apologies for the lint on it- I couldn’t find a lint roller.*]

In retrospect, the Cranberry Ponte is probably too stable for this pattern or at the very least the size I’m using (remember I’m going one size down from the recommended sizing)- hence sausage arms.

However, that being said it is a beautiful piece of fabric.  The color doesn’t come across as well here, but it’s super dark and rich! I purchased it from Mulberry Silks.  It really is beautiful- so much so that when I bought it the other woman at the cutting table promptly added the bolt to her pile when I was done 😀


So, there you have it!  Finally starting to fill out my need for long-sleeved shirts….but less so keeping up with the sew new patterns thing.  I’ve already started on my next version :-/

Also, the skirt is made by me too! (ignore the creases…stupid linen)  You can see it way back here on one of my first posts.

[*That’s a lie I didn’t care enough to find a lint roller! Deal with it!]


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