Brindle & Twig Bodysuit 009 in Art Gallery Jersey

Which I swear to the heavens above can die in a fire!!! I don’t know what it is… the size of the garment seems to have an inverse relationship to the amount of problems I have with it!


Don’t let the adorable factor fool you, this tiny garment gave me more problems then most of my other recent makes combined!  Had it not been a gift I probably would’ve given up entirely.

Now to be fair…. 98.5% of my issues were user error :-/
HOWEVER, they were all started by the fact that the neck binding was too short. [Which I already knew about based on this post…. so again user error]

I had to rip out 4 seams!  One of which I had to rip out TWICE.  All I can say it’s a good thing  I recently upgraded my seam ripper.  Which after spending so much time together I have christened Buffy the Seam Slayer… she is The Chosen One, she alone will stand against the improperly placed stitch, the backwards panel and general sewing fuck-ups.


Ok…. now that I have that out of my system… this really is a good pattern.  Most of the mistakes (that somehow snowballed into more mistakes) really were because I got too big for my britches and didn’t consult the directions enough :-/


And because the neck binding was too short!

I sewed it up in the 3-6 months size with the long-sleeves since we’re headed into fall/winter (remember ‘Winter is Coming’).  I’m hoping it will fit the ankle biter… the first time I tried to make clothes for a baby it came out comically small, the last time comically large.


You may notice a striking similarity between this and the 3/4 length sleeve shirt from this post.  Indeed, I manged to eek this out from the leftover yardages, even using the same cranberry ponte.  However, the little one and I will have to coordinate our outfits carefully- there’s nothing more gauche then showing up in the same outfit as someone else!


This was the first time I’ve tried using snaps and I was a bit nervous…. particularly after the first couple I used turned out to be duds.  Although, I do always love a sewing project that involves me having to borrow the husbands woodworking tools 😉

I got the Dritz brand snaps that comes with the metal snap tool you hammer (I also went ahead and bought extra snaps).  And I used this video for hand holding/getting over my fear of installing them [seriously, I was so nervous after having already fought with this garment that I was going to ruin it by installing the snaps wrong].


But surprisingly enough everything went fairly smoothly!

So… there you have it!  I will make this pattern again, because despite my bitching and moaning it is a super cute little pattern and not that hard if you follow directions (and cut the neck binding longer!!).


4 thoughts on “Brindle & Twig Bodysuit 009 in Art Gallery Jersey

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