Me Made May- Week 4

Well, it’s Memorial Day and I’ve just come back from another long weekend helping the parental units 😀
I’m hoping to still get some sewing and knitting in today…. maybe even have a finished object post for later this week 😉


Day 21:  It was a rainy lazy day…. and another me- made underwear day.  Here I am trying to ham it up and actually showing my undies….. SCANDAL *clutches pearls*!


Day 22: Zinnia skirt and more Grail t-shirts of course!


Day 23: Even MORE Grail t-shirts!!  Apologies for the weird lighting…. which highlights my need to clean my mirror.


Day 24: Green Peony Dress


Day 25: Grail t-shirt and RTW dress pants


Day 26: Again Grail t-shirt (deer head this time) and RTW jeans


Day 27: I forgot to get a picture of today’s outfit, but it was… you guessed it! Grail t-shirt (the red one this time) and RTW pants.


So, there you have it!  Another Grail t-shirt heavy week :-/
We’re in the home stretch now, just a few more days left….expect more Grail t-shirts 😉


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