Me Made May – Week One

My first Me Made May week!! It was surprisingly easier than I thought. I realize now I’ve basically been wearing a good mix of handmades and RTW for a while now…. So, so far this hasn’t been that much of a stretch 🙂


Day One: This is the second Peony I made and my very first hand-knit sweater.  Both makes are pre-blog.  I’ve thought about doing a TBT post a la Sometimes Sewist for some of my pre-blog makes 🙂


Day Two:  Cat!  This is my blue pin-dot Zinnia Skirt and the first Vesta Grail t-shirt 😀


Day three: More Grail t-shirts!! Prepare to see these A LOT.  With some RTW jeans…. someday I will make my own!


Day Four:  Yes, EVEN more Grail t-shirts.  This is with an H & M shirt I quite literally got in college- it was technically too big when I got it and now it’s borderline too small :-/


Day Five: Apologies for the terrible lighting.  Queen of Hearts Moneta….. also Cat!


Husband: You look cold in the picture.  Me: That’s because I am cold!! It’s freezing!

Day Six:  The husband was home, so I decided to change it up and make him photograph me.  This is my knit infinity scarf, it took a turn for the cold and I had to bust it back out 😦

So, there you have it! Week one of Me Made May is in the books, hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up!


9 thoughts on “Me Made May – Week One

  1. Your Peony! So beautious. YES do a TBT on it!!! 🙂 Thanks for the mention, too. 🙂

    Also, your hand knit shrug; which pattern is that? I’m pretty sure I made the same about ten years ago in the same color, too! Not sure where it is now…would probably be too small anyway. Haaaa. Sad.

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