Me Made May – Week Two

HELLO!!! I had meant to get this up Sunday, thus creating a regular posting schedule…..but I was driving back from the parents house so that didn’t happen!


Day Seven: More grail shirts!  I told you to expect a lot of repeats… this was taken moments before I hit the road for a conference in Nashville.


Day Eight: The navy moneta!  This is driving back after a full day at the conference AND hours in the car…knit dress FTW!!!


Day Nine: Gray Flannel Zinnia… and…. grail t-shirt!


Day Ten: Can you guess??? Grail t-shirt!


Day Eleven: You may be confused by this….did I make khakis (circa 2006)? Have I branched into a side-line of uniform wear??? No- it was Orientation day at the university and sadly no room for me-made outerwear :-/
I am however wearing me-made underwear 😉

Day Twelve & Thirteen: This is essentially the same outfit… and surprise, surprise it’s grail t-shirts!!!  I went to my parent’s for the weekend to help around the house, both these photos were taken by my Mom after a very full day in the attic!

That’s it for week two!  5/7ths of this post is Grail t-shirts…. I wish I could tell you next week will be different, but I make no promises!


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