Me Made May- Week 4.5

The last week in May! Woohoo I made it through!!  I’ll return next week with my thoughts regarding an entire month wearing at least one handmade item each day…. but until then:


Day 28: Ah yes… more Grail t-shirts!



Day 29: Memorial Day!  The original plan was to sew…. but instead I got distracted by container gardening.  And yes EVEN more Grail t-shirts…. plus RTW jeans that are on it’s last legs 😦



Day 30: What’s this???  A “new” dress?  This is actually an old dress….that I hardly wear :-/ It’s the Crepe wrap dress by Colette patterns in lilac gingham seersucker.  It’s good dress/pattern, just a bit too cutesy for regular rotation.



Day 31: Last day! Ending strong…. with more Grail t-shirts! 😀  Hooray!


And thus ends my very first Me Made May 😀



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