Outfit Along 2017….Update

Ah, The Outfit Along…. I decided I was going to do this almost on a whim… because I am in fact crazy :-/   But I had the perfect fabric for the Kim Dress and had been itching to try princess seams.  So, I immediately got to work on…. the sweater portion!


I wasn’t sure I really liked the Anaheim sweater that was the official sweater pattern, plus I wanted something the would take my dress firmly into colder months (Winter is coming you know).  So, I chose Andi’s Miette pattern!
Not only is it a free pattern, but I’ve actually made it before!


Which I’m hoping might give me an edge in actually finishing this by the deadline…. I wouldn’t hold your breath though!

I had some issues with the fit last time I made it…. but of course made no notes as to what size I did or anything useful like that :-/
So, I decided I would actually properly swatch this one!


L to R: US size 8, 9, and 10

I ended up going with the middle swatch- US needle size 9 and size large in the pattern.  I used this knitalong from WAY back in 2012 to help me with gauging and picking the proper size (as well as Row 25)…. it is quite helpful and I highly recommend it!


In terms of the Kim Dress….. I’ve, uh…. bought the pattern?  In point of fact, I just bought the pattern, because I wanted to at least be able to say I’d bought the pattern for this post :-/  I actually spent an inordinate amount of time trying to see if I could find an old printed copy to buy, but alas people are hoarding those 😦

However, I refuse to print and tape this shit together!  So, I’m taking this opportunity to price the local Kinkos.    If that fails I’ll certainly be using Cashmerette’s excellent resource guide on how to cheaply print pdf copyshop files 🙂

2 thoughts on “Outfit Along 2017….Update

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