Me Made May Musings…. plus Works in Progress

So, my first Me Made May is officially done!  I missed a couple of days taking pictures and had a few Me Made Underwear days, but overall I’m calling this a success!


Things I learned!

  1. It was actually not as hard as I thought to pull this off!  Yes, I had a shit ton of repeats… but overall I was able to do it!
  2.  A surprising gap I have in my wardrobe is casual, weekend wear!  I’ve got work appropriate skirts and tops pretty well covered, but I have ZERO me made causal bottoms to wear on the weekends.
  3.  Along the same lines as point 2.  I have NO me made pajamas…. or rather to be more precise-  I have no me made pajamas that don’t have a giant rip in the butt because I’ve gained like 20 lbs since moving 😦
  4. I have a small collection of me made items that are just not in regular rotation at all for a variety of reasons.
  5.  I look much better in pictures when I stand up straight…. but don’t tell my mother, she’s been harping on me for years to stand up straight :-/

So… moving forward I have a rough plan for some causal makes, some pajama makes, and maybe even finally giving the Ginger jeans a crack!  I did after all shell out $50 for the class!!

Works in Progress

In other news,  I’m hoping to finally finish the Violet I’ve been working on….


All I have left are the buttons and button holes…. this should be a whole hell of a lot easier with my new machine 😀

And in keeping with my whole being more active in the online sewing community I will be participating in the Outfit Along!!


Yes…. I’ve never participated in a Sewalong…. I’ve never participated in a Knitalong…. I’ve never even finished a sweater in less than 8 months, but I’m doing the Outfit Along….. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!?!

But seriously, I have no illusions that I will be able to finish this in two months.  I’m just hoping to do the dress and get a decent start on the sweater…. I’ll do a more full-ish post on this, including the sweater pattern (hint it’s not the official sweater pattern) and the dress 🙂  So stay tuned!




2 thoughts on “Me Made May Musings…. plus Works in Progress

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