Me Made May- Week 3

I’m back!  And this time kinda on schedule 🙂


Day 14:  So I forgot to get a picture this day.  We were driving back from my parents and by the time I remembered…. I didn’t care.  It was another me made underwear day though :-/


Day 15: Back taking proper pictures and my husband trying to photobomb them, the mysterious blur in the background is a pillow case he was waving 😀
Here I’ve got my pin dot Zinnia and a RTW t-shirt.


Day 16:  My seersucker hawthorn dress…. and a kitty!


Day 17: My un-blogged Peony dress, plus RTW sweater.  P.S. I didn’t mention this before, but it’s actually made out of quilting cotton!


Day 18:  I’ve decided that this is probably my best fitting garment.  And it should be! This is my third Peony.  If you click through to the original post, you can see that the green eyelet fabric has shrunk up over time exposing the navy lining…. which I actually really like 🙂

Day 19 & 20:  You get another twofer…. and yes I wore the same t-shirt two days in a row, what of it?! Both days I wore the Grail t-shirt (both days with RTW bottoms) The second picture was taken on a hike on Buffalo Mountain, I’m working on being more active 🙂

And there you have it!  A lot less Grail t-shirts this week as promised…. although I did just buy some fabric for MORE Grail t-shirts 😉


8 thoughts on “Me Made May- Week 3

  1. The Peony dresses are lovely! There’s something so nice about a bit of piping. I particularly like the one with the navy details – I would have thought that navy bit at the hem was intentional if you hadn’t mentioned otherwise!

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