Works in Progress XV…. knit all the things!

I’m back!  Yes, one month into 2017 and I’m already falling down on my goals to be more active in the online sewing community :-/
In my defense though I’ve become a bit more politically active!


And hey, bonus!  Handmade outerwear in the wild!

Unfortunately, my sewjo has taken a dive.  I’m still half-heartedly working on the Carolyn PJs…. but what I really need to do is get in there and try to organize that space in general.  Hopefully, another trip to IKEA will be on the horizon soon! [This will the second trip to IKEA, the first time we went they were out of key items I needed for the sewing room 😦 ]


You’ll notice I didn’t even bother to take an updated photo!

On the other hand, as is usually the case, my knitting is on fire!

Around Christmas I frogged my Armande sweater and started over…. I may or may not have thought I knew better than the pattern directions and may or may not have been promptly proven wrong :-/


I’ve made A LOT of progress since then though and have already lapped my original “this is fucked I need to start over” point.

I’m also still plugging away at my arm warmers….but I’m getting kinda bored with them and am thinking of moving them to the back burner.


I definitely see how people fall into the second sock (in this case arm warmer) syndrome 😦


So…. I’m finally getting started on a scarf for the husband!  Aaannnd tackling another 2017 goal– unselfish knitting/sewing 🙂
With a little luck I’ll finish it in time for next winter :-/


5 thoughts on “Works in Progress XV…. knit all the things!

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