Works in Progress XIV

Yes… another Works in Progress post (very soon I’m going to have to learn more about roman numerals!).  I don’t (often) talk about politics or non-sewing related things… and I don’t plan to start.  But I will say this- I, like a little over half the people who voted, am VERY disappointed in the outcome of our recent election…. particular since it happened on my birthday 😦
A friend of mine posted that he finally understood what his Mom meant when she said “I’m not mad, just disappointed”, which kinda sums it up for me too.  Although, to be clear I’m still kinda mad too 😦

But…. on to less depressing topics…. what I’ve been working on!


I have seriously been working on ALL the things!  Not actually getting much done on anything mind you- just ping-ponging between projects!

I’ve been doing a lot more knitting here recently…. partly because it’s the crazy time of year at work and I haven’t had the energy to do much else 😦


I’m making good progress on my second arm warmer, despite another rough start-but, I only had to rip it out and restart it twice! Yay, progress! 😀
I also discovered I didn’t follow the pattern AT ALL for the first cuff :-/


And I’ve also finally started my sweater!  I’ve got high hopes for this one- I keep getting dressed in the morning and think “Man, that sweater I’m working on would be great with this!”.

The husband has also requested a scarf since we now live in a place you actually need one. He settled on this pattern…. now I just need to find the right yarn!


I’m making progress on my Carolyn Pjs….. but COMPLETELY missed the Sew Social deadline.  I’m not sure what I was thinking…. there was no way it was going to get done in time!


Which brings us to my cape!  You remember my cape right?  It’s almost year long time-out in the closet is over and I’m hopeful to finish it up soon…. although probably not in time for the original intended deadline- the Sew Social November project :-/
I really am shit with deadlines 😦

And there you have it- what I’ve been working on!


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