Works in Progress XIII

Helloooo, dear reader!  I had hoped to get another finished make up for you….but that didn’t happen.  Instead you get lucky number 13 Works in Progress!!!


When I asked the husband which swatch he liked he responded “You have handed me three of the same thing!?”

So…. first up the Carolyn Pajamas from Closet Case Files!  I had such fun with Allie J’s Sew Social I’m going to try to keep it going.  This month’s theme is Try Something New… ever the litteralist I dug out a new pattern!  This will actually also be the first Closet Case File pattern I’ve tried 😀


I’m working on some more Rosy Ladyshorts… plus a new undie pattern!  I’m hoping to finish and post about these soon.  FYI I discovered I had been sewing the first three pairs all WRONG 😮


And, hey! I’ve made some really good progress on my handwarmers!  I am so close to being done…. with the first one :-/
Hopefully, I won’t fall into second sock (errr, handwarmer) syndrome.


And lastly… I’ve been thinking really hard about starting my next sweater…I’ve wound the yarn and everything.  Just need to swatch it first!


Finally, finally…. I leave you with my cat playing with my pattern tissue.  The situation became slightly less adorable after I discovered she actually tore a hole in it 😦



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