More Swaddling Blankets!

….Now with more swaddle!  Yes, one of co-workers is knocked up and I made swaddling blankets.  I had plans to do all sorts of other cool and interesting bebe projects, but then I realized between work and everything else that was not going to happen 😦


I thought I’d do this post as a tutorial of sorts…. although this is a super easy project!

What you’ll need:

1.5 yards cotton gauze (I used this and this)
Fabric scissors
Sewing Machine
Matching Thread


  1. Measure and cut your fabric approximately 46 x 46 inches…. I like to measure and mark with pins.   46 x 46 is what I did, you can obviously have a slightly smaller or larger blanket per your needs.

*No cats were harmed in the making of this blanket.


Since I was making two blankets, once I measured and cut the first one I used it as a template for the second.

2. Fold and press all corners down 1.5 inches towards the wrong side.


Make sure you’re precise.  I noticed if I was off even a little I ended up with less than perfect corners.

3. Snip the last 1/2 inch off from each corner


4.  Fold and press each side over by 1/2 inch.


Be sure to give a good hit with the iron so you get a nice crisp edge.

5. Fold each edge over again 1/2 inch and again giving it a good hit with the iron.


6.  Pin everything nice and neatly in place on the right side…. you should have some fairly neat corners.


(this isn’t probably the best example of “nice, neat corners”, but it’s what I like to call good enough for government work)

6.  Now you’re ready for sewing!  Top-stitch a line a 1/4 inch from the edge on the right side.


I don’t have a 1/4 inch line marker, so I always just line it up with the egde of my presser foot.


Be sure to turn and pivot at the corners!

7. Next stitch a second line a 1/4 inch in from your first line.


Again, I just use the edge of my press foot as my guide, this time lining it up with the original line of stitching.

And there you have it!


This is an incredibly easy project and would be great for any first-timers.  Here, as well, is the original tutorial I used for the mitered corners.  You can also see my first go around with the swaddling  blankets here.

Good luck!


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