Works in Progress XI

Holy Shit!  Long time no see dear reader…did you miss me? …my 10s of readers, you?  The husband and I have moved into the new digs and are (very) slowly but surely getting settled in 🙂

Sooo…. aside from packing, unpacking, moving across town, and you know work- I’ve gotten started on a new knitting project!


These were formerly 3/8 of a pair of socks, but after sitting for over a year I decided they needed to become wristwarmers….further adding to my “Winter is Coming” wardrobe.  I had a bitch of a time getting these started, but things are progressing nicely now 😀

I’ve also been working in fits and starts on yet another Grail T-shirt!  In related news, I have completely abandoned my resolution to sew new and different patterns :-/


However, despite the fact I’ve barely sewed in the last month & a half I have continued to buy fabric….because I’m crazy and evidently made of money!


So we have future swaddling blankets for a co-worker….


Jeans fabric for Ginger Jeans….in my defense this came from the Hancock going out business sale- how could I not buy!


Future Grail T-shirt and Carolyn PJs.

And just to further solidify my status as a fabric addict/hoarder- I promptly snapped up one of the new Sophie Swimsuit kits from Closet Case Files….

“Hi, My name is Liz and I have a problem with fabric”


3 thoughts on “Works in Progress XI

  1. Excellent fabric choices! You don’t have a “problem with fabric,” my friend. You have “an abundance of sewing project ideas.” I especially like that denim and the multicolored one in the last photo. Is that one the future t-shirt or the future pajamas?

    I have to confess that I, too, have recently purchased fabric that I most certainly did not need. I committed the sin of choosing fabric before I had a project in mind. I couldn’t help myself. You’ll see why when I post it.

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    • I like that “an abundance of sewing project ideas”! The multicolored one is a cotton voile and is intended for PJs, the one with the deer heads is the knit 🙂
      I’m excited to see your new posts!


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