Works in Progress X…. aka All the projects I’m failing at!

Hello again dear reader!  I’m going to attempt to be a bit better about blogging regularly… but I make ZERO promises 😛

This was the first weekend in a while where I wasn’t traveling and/or working, so sewing and knitting was the order of the day!  [The husband and I also looked at houses to rent too… I got my heart set on a dedicated sewing/craft room 🙂 ]


I’ve been working on this cowl for a while now…. despite being a dead easy knit it has been giving me trouble!  It’s entirely user error- I’ve gotten so used to being able to knit on autopilot that I forgot some projects you really do need to pay attention to the pattern :-/

I’m excited for this though… I have high hopes that is will be warm and cozy 😀


I also started what I was calling a wearable muslin of the Moneta out of this SUPER light burnout knit.  This stuff is so light weight it is literally see through.  I’m not even sure where it came from- I think it was sent by mistake to friend and the company just told her to keep it (where upon she gave it to me).
At any rate… I was more or less making it for practice, but I got feed up with it after failing yet again with the double needle.  But, hey, I’m improving! I bought the right needle and didn’t break it this time 😀

The dress has been crammed back in it’s project bag and may or may not be heard from again.

It was at this point that I switched gears and decided to work on something I KNEW would be a success…. the long-sleeve version of The Grail T-shirt.  That shit is approaching TNT status… what could possible go wrong!


What indeed?!!!  Yes… the sewing machine was feeling a might peckish and decided a tasty knit would hit the spot.  This mind you was after I had un-picked and re-sewed the shoulder seam TWICE because the machine kept skipping stitches and generally fucking things up…. but I suppose that will happen when you’re hungry for fabric 😦

And so it has finally come to this… I’ve taken the husband’s advice and created a checklist for when the sewing machine is fucking up for seemingly unexplained reasons- aptly named:


However, despite my projects conspiring against me I did manage to make significant progress on The Grail shirt…All that’s left now is to finish the cuffs, neckline, etc. 😀


2 thoughts on “Works in Progress X…. aka All the projects I’m failing at!

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