Dad’s Cabled Scarf…. over 5 years in the making!

Hello dear readers!  I have finally finished my Dad’s cabled scarf…. and yes it truly was over 5 years in the making!


As you may have seen previously this is made from New Zealand possum yarn my Mom and Dad picked up in New Zealand waaaay back in 2004/2005ish.  They bought 3 skeins (which you will see came in handy) and the intention was for Mom to make something for dear Papa.  Well, the yarn sat and sat…and sat.  To be fair, fancy possum yarn all the from New Zealand can’t be made up into just ANYTHING…


Finally, around about 2010 it was decided a scarf was in order and I was called in to help pick out a pattern.  We settled on this cabled pattern and dear Mama started on the long awaited scarf 😀
Over the years she knit a good… 5 inches.  It was just one of those things, she’s a busy woman and found it was hard for her to knit this pattern and watch TV.  So- this past Thanksgiving the project bag was passed to me to finish!


On the left side you can see the side Mom started and our differences in tension.  I have always been a very tight knitter!  Luckily since it’s a scarf you really can’t tell when it’s on.

I will also take this opportunity to point out that this scarf ALMOST took one skein to knit… I say ALMOST because I ran out of yarn with literally 5 stitches left!  FIVE F*UCKING STITCHES!!!!  Can you believe that shit?!

I do now have in my possession (which makes it mine…right? 😉 ) 2 lovely skeins of possum yarn….I now just need to figure out what to make with it 😀
….or you know… give it back to Mom :-/


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