Works in Progress IX… aka SNOW!!!!

That’s right like much of the rest of the Eastern US we got SNOW!  Having spent pretty much my entire adult life in Charleston this was the first significant snowfall I’d seen in 20 years.  Actually almost exactly 20 years, I believe this was my last big snow event.  So, being a good southern girl with ZERO experience driving in the snow and ice I have pretty much not left my apartment for the past week…. conveniently the University has also been closed because of the snow and ice 😀
Which means I have split my time between re-watching Torchwood, knitting, sewing, and playing in the snow!!


My cape is starting to look very cape like!!  I was hoping I might be able to finish it this weekend and take some photos in the snow, but my sewing machine and I got into a fight…. words were said, things were thrown, and we are not on speaking terms right now.  I know eventually we will be able to move past this, but for now I think we both need our space 😉


And so I’ve been spending some time with my old friend knitting!  This will eventually be a scarf for my Dad.  My Mom actually started this YEARS ago with possum yarn she got in New Zealand (this kind, not this kind).  After a few years with only minimal progress she gave it to me to finish 😀
I still probably have a good 20 inches still to go, but I’m making good progress.

A significant time was also spent playing in the snow! [I went SLEDDING!!]  And so to continue my tradition of distracting you with pretty pictures of the scenery when I don’t actually have a lot of actual “works” or “progress”…. here!





So, as things start to thaw I’ll try to mend fences with the sewing machine and finish my cape… or maybe I’ll just start in re-watching the X-files and continue knitting 😉


4 thoughts on “Works in Progress IX… aka SNOW!!!!

  1. I was slightly jealous of your snow for a second, but then I remembered that I am miserable when the temperature dips below 50 degrees. The cape is looking pretty sweet – I’m sure you and your sewing machine can work it out. Think of the children!

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