2015 Year in Review…

Helllloooooo!!! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!  December was VERY busy (unfortunately not with sewing) and kinda stressful 😦
On the plus side all of my stuff (and my husband!) is in Tennessee and the house is on the market 😀

Sooo…. 2015 it was quite a year! I got a job (with benefits and everything!!), I moved two states, other things happened….and I made stuff.

2015 in a Nutshell:


I feel like I may have made more things this year than last….but I may just be deluding myself :-/
However, in total we have: 1 dress, 2 skirts, 2 tops, 1 baby outfit, 2 swaddling blankets, 2 pairs underwear, 1 sweater, 1 scarf.  The scarf, baby outfit, and swaddling blankets were all presents… so… they’re of course not pictured!

Hits and Misses:

I see everyone doing this top 5 hits, top 5 misses things…but seeing as how I only sewed 12 things total I’m not being ridged 🙂

The biggest miss of the year was definitely my first attempt at a t-shirt.


I have NEVER worn this shirt after that day o’ pictures…not even on laundry day!  I keep on meaning to go and try to make adjustments…but just haven’t gotten around to it!
[You may notice I have another un-blogged shirt in the mix… this attempt was much more successful and will hopefully be blogged soon]

In terms of hits- first and foremost, we have my green eyelet Peony dress.



Screen shot 2016-01-08 at 6.37.06 PM

Y’all, for serious, that was super exciting for me 😀

Another item I’m declaring a hit is my sweater.


It has gotten a lot of wear now that I’ve moved to a place that, you know, actually has winter!  AND it matches the colors of the university I work at! 😀

So, that’s it for hits and misses…. Next week (or possibly this week- who knows????) I’ll be back to assess my goals from 2015 and set some new ones for 2016!!




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