Works in Progress VIII….also Fall!

Long time no see dear reader!  Work has been a MAD HOUSE…. which has left exactly zero time for blogging.  In fact, about the only thing I’ve been good for these past weeks after dragging myself home has been sitting in front of the TV and knitting 😦

Speaking of knitting…. I’ve been working on the non-animal fiber infinity scarf for my Mom.  I’m using a 52% viscose and 48% cotton blend yarn- it’s pretty nice. This will actually be my third version of this infinity scarf.  It’s a good simple, but not too, simple pattern.  Just what’s needed for a bit of mindless knitting!

I’ve also finally started on my cape!  I’m almost done working up a muslin, just need to add the collar.  I doubt I really NEED to do a muslin for this- I mean it’s not exactly fitted.  However, at this point it feels weird to not do a muslin, especially since I’m using fancy fabric.

IMG_3526You may also notice I did not photograph the muslin…’cause, yeah, I don’t feel like it 😛
Instead you get an old photo of the fabric and pattern…enjoy!

And….that’s pretty much all I’ve been working on…. :-/
So, to make up for the lack of actual “works” or “progress” here’s a bunch of photos of the mountains in fall!





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