Rosy LadyShorts….. aka Under Where?!?

Due to an unfortunate incident with the dryer in my new place I am in desperate need of new underwear.  [Also, in related news, I can now say I know what literally smoking hot clothes feel like….burning, they feel like burning 😦 ]
So, what do you do when you need to replace 30% of your underwear….head to the local Target? Hahahaha- of course not that would be way too simple!  No, you make ’em!
Yes, that’s right I’ve been sewing LINGERIE!


I used Cloth Habit’s FREE pattern Rosy Ladyshorts, this was actually not my first go around with the Ladyshorts pattern.  Shortly after getting into sewing I tried my hand at a pair of these… the exact WRONG fabric.  It was basically a woven with just a bit of stretch.  I was seduced by the pretty lacey pattern, the satiny feel and the cheap price tag and convinced myself it would totally work.  Spoiler: it did not.

IMG_3796This fabric worked out MUCH better!  I talked here about raiding the Remnants bin at the Jo-ann’s… well these are the results of that trip!  I found some nude power mesh lining and then became OBSESSED with finding fabric that would work for lingerie.  These pairs are done in some sort of sparkly knit.  I cut them in the size 10- construction was easy enough.  The only somewhat tricky part is attaching the crotch lining, but as long as you slow down, carefully read the directions and don’t twist anything (because that would then force you to unpick teeny-tiny zig-zag stitches!) you’ll be fine :-/
I’ve already worn them and let me tell you this is an awesome pattern!  Not only do they look good, but they’re comfortable too! A rare feat in ladies underwear!

IMG_3800This is the next pair I’m working on uses the power mesh as an underlining for some stretchy lace.  I hand basted the lace to the power mesh and then just sewed it up as usual.  However, you can see I haven’t added the trim yet….because I’ve hit a road block.

IMG_3799All the stretch lace trim used up until this point came from my stash (bought from here for the last pair of Ladyshorts that failed).  I wanted to use the grey lilac trim, but there’s not enough 😦
I was going to use lilac at the waist and black trim at the legs, but when I pinned it all up I’m not liking it.  I’m thinking of just ordering some more- unfortunately it will have to be a completely different color, because I’m pretty sure I got the last of the grey lilac 😦

IMG_3801Which is just as well ’cause I got more fabric to use!  Now all I need to do is get my butt in gear to finally learn how to make bras and I can make some matching sets!


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