Works in Progress VII……. Tennessee Edition!

I’m back party people!  And I’m in Tennessee!  I’ve started my new job (which is awesome and full of awesome people!) and I’ve gotten settled in my new apartment with the important things in life….


That’s right half my stuff is still in Charleston, I’m sleeping on a futon, but I brought almost ALL my sewing and knitting supplies.  Priorities people!


And I have picked up with my knitting!  I’m almost done with the second sleeve 🙂 After that all I need to do is knit the collar and block it!  I did have a slight goof up with the second sleeve- after having let it sit for so long I forgot the decrease pattern sequence….aaannnd instead of, you know, carefully re-reading the pattern I just sort of glanced at it- which left me a sleeve short by at least an inch :-/
I was able to catch it before starting on the cuff and just added a few more rows.  It may still be a little shorter (or actually longer!), but hopefully not enough to notice. *Success you can’t notice it!*


I’ve also been making significant progress with my second Zinnia!  I’m hopefully that very soon I’ll actually have a Finished Object post, as opposed to these constant Works in Progress…. hell maybe I’ll have two!  I also swear my next project will be something I haven’t made before- shit maybe I’ll finally make that cape 😉

And with that I’ll leave you with views from my new place 🙂




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