Works in Progress VI…..and Blog Hiatus

Hellllooooo, dear reader!  I have big (somewhat sad, somewhat exciting) announcements!  But first a quick shot of what I’ve been working on 🙂


Remember my friends wedding dress I was altering??? This is the after photo! Woot! Bet you thought that was the before photo, that’s right I’m THAT good!  I took a good 5 inches off the bottom ’cause she, like I, is a short lady.  I hand stitched the mesh over skirt and machine stitched the knit under skirt.  I also repaired quite a few areas that had lost their sequins and beads. I tell you what I have that shit down to a science at this point!


I also added a little something extra- this is of the inside of the back hem.  That’s right I’ve added a new skill to the arsenal!  My good friend Elizabeth came over and gave me a quick lesson in embroidery….and let me borrow some tools of the trade (namely everything I would need to do this!). It was surprisingly easy and relaxing 🙂 I now have visions of snarky samplers and embroidering a short-form poem a cadet of mine wrote involving the words spiders and fuck 😉

Which brings us to my announcement…. I GOT A JOB!!!  ………In Tennessee :-/
Today is my last day at work… it has been surprisingly hard to say goodbye to all my students/cadets.  I’m very excited about the new job, but very sad to leave Charleston 😥

Sooo…. Since I’m needing to pack up, move three states, get settled, and start a new job I’m going to take a bit of a break from the blogging bandwagon.  I shall be back, but I just wanted to give y’all a heads up as to the radio silence.


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