Works in Progress V…. a.k.a Super Awesome Sewing Afternoon

Well, hellooo there dear reader!  I spent the last week back home relaxin’ and chillin’ with the family (the little bro even flew out from the Left Coast!).  We ate and drank ourselves silly…which is why I will be doing nothing but eating salads and drinking water this week :-/

However, I was able to get back down in enough time to enjoy a lovely sewing afternoon with Jen and Elizabeth 🙂

This was a potluck event and at the last minute I threw together some Baked Brie with Strawberry, Balsamic, Basil Jam [say that 3x fast!] and Pecans.

IMG_2355I realize now that baked brie doesn’t really photograph well, but I assure you it was very tasty!  I used this recipe, but replaced strawberry balsamic jam for the apricot/raspberry jam and pecans for almonds.  I had made and canned the strawberry balsamic basil jam a few months ago when strawberries were still in season and it is perfect for this kind of thing. P.S. I can too 😉

The original plan, for the sewing afternoon, was to work on a blanket skirt with the leftover fabric from the Failed Walkaway dress.  I cleverly went out and got contrasting fabric for the waist band and was promptly distracted by the remnants bin and their 50% off sale….. One hour later I realized there was zero time to actually wash the fabric 😦

IMG_2357So, instead I worked on my Neverending Sweater and cutting fabric for my next Zinnia skirt…… because why would I want to try something new when I can just re-make the same three patterns over and over again 😉

IMG_2358Elizabeth is here hard at work on a white Maxi dress….she was, surprisingly enough, the only one actually sewing at the Super Awesome Sewing Afternoon.  Although not pictured (because she’s behind the camera…err…iphone) Jen was working on drafting a costume pattern.

And now time for some fabric eye candy!

IMG_3742I mean just look at that shit!  Elizabeth somehow manged to score vintage-ish “scraps” of suede/leather of varying sizes from a woman who used to design and sew gloves on 5th Avenue!  I say vintage-ish because these are from the ’80s and I refuse to call anything from the ’80s vintage.  And I say “scraps” because some of these pieces were at least a couple of yards. [It should also be known I have offered any number of skills in trade to the original owner for glove making lessons!]

Hardcore vegetarians and vegans should probably avert their eyes though 😦
Although, Elizabeth claimed they were faux suede I’m pretty sure at least half of these pieces are real leather- including, but not limited to, that ridiculously, fabulous gold and turquoise number!!!  Jen picked out a few pieces for herself and I proceeded to take EVERYTHING else.  I don’t have a fucking clue what I’m going to do with it all, other than adding it to the Hoard along with The Precious, but it was all way too fantastic to pass up 😀

However…. I am open to suggestions????  Obviously, I see many bags and clutches in my future (and possibly gloves!), but I also have visions formulating of a ridiculously over the top ’60s-esque leather A-line mini in turquoise and gold!


3 thoughts on “Works in Progress V…. a.k.a Super Awesome Sewing Afternoon

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