Works in Progress IV…. or My Aunt ROCKS!

Happy Pre-Fourth of July! Or for you Canadians: Happy Post-Canada Day! And for those of you in the rest of the world: Happy Friday!  I’m back with a much happier post today 🙂  Things have been a moving and a shaking and yet I never seem to have a enough time to sew 😦  However, I have high hopes for the long weekend!

IMG_3727The tomatoes are FINALLY starting to come in!  This is always a delicious time of year 🙂  They’re looking pretty good, I have high hopes for a good crop this year.

IMG_3715My friend has spawned a tiny human, so I’ve been working on a lot of baby stuff.  I’m planning a fuller post with all the baby things I’ve completed so far, but this here is a teaser for you 😉

IMG_3729This is my priority project now- My oldest friend (in that I’ve known her since kindergarten) is getting hitched and I am responsible for hemming her wedding dress!  Easy enough you say! …Well…. the dress has sequins and while they’re gorgeous they add some complication to an otherwise easy project.

IMG_3718And finally we come to the reason why my Aunt is so awesome, because she brought me beautiful fabric!!!!  My Aunt was quite the sewer in her day.  She still is, but has switched to quilting 🙂  Which means I have scored some gorgeous apparel fabric!  Above we have some cotton/poly blend plaid, red linen, a bit of wide blue lace, a bit of red chiffon (not sure on that one???), and lovely green velvet! But that’s not all….

IMG_37194.5 yards of fabulous blue silk all the way from Hong Kong!!!!  Her sister (Aunt #2) is a stewardess and brought this back for her years ago (like they still flew the British flag years ago)….. and now it’s mine…. all MINE….The Precious! *clutches and pets fabric in corner a la Gollum*

So, now here’s the question….. what do I do with The Precious?  A blouse??? A dress??? The most luxurious pajamas ever???  Hoard it till I can give it to my own adult niece???  I am open to suggestions!


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