A Sad Post

I apologize again for the radio silence. I had every intention of keeping up with the regular posting (I even had a post pretty much ready to go), however recent tragic events in my home city made it all seem very trivial.  I never had the opportunity to attend services at Mother Emanuel, but I always admired it and always enjoyed walking past it, stopping to read about it’s history and admire some sculpture they have on the grounds (sadly enough, if I’m remembering correctly, the sculpture is part of a tribute to the Birmingham Church bombing victims).

I was able to attend the Friday community prayer vigil– we sang and prayed and had a good cry. And then we walked around the block to place flowers by the church and then sang and prayed some more.  [I also tested the limits of my Peony dress by walking 1.5 miles from a friends house to the CofC arena in 91 degree temperatures :-/ ]  Later I was able to watch (on TV) the President’s eulogy for Sen. Rev. Pickney, which was TRULY moving.  If you’ve got forty minutes I recommend it.

I’ve heard lots of people express surprise/amazement at how Charleston has come together.  But it wasn’t all that surprising to me- that’s just Charleston.  People joke that Charleston is the biggest, little town ever, because everyone knows everyone.  So what else can you do, but support each other when your co-worker’s neighbor was killed.  Or your friend’s co-worker lost two family members and would’ve been at Bible Study that night except he had to stay late to finish a work project.  And that’s what we’ll continue to do…support each other.


So, that’s what I have to say about that…. I promise there will be happier posts in the future, it just didn’t feel right continuing on with this without acknowledging what has happened in my hometown.


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