April Garden Tour

As you’ve probably surmised in between sewing, knitting, reading, cooking….and you know working to pay bills, the husband and I enjoy gardening.  I figured between crafty posts I could show you, dear reader, pictures from the garden as things grow and we harvest tasty vegetables 🙂   If you don’t want to see garden pictures then I guess this is a sucks to be you sort of situation, ’cause it’s my blog!

IMG_3653So, here are our main garden beds… and the husband dutifully watering said beds…  The large beds measure 5′ by 10′, the three small beds measure 2′ by 3′ and we have one medium bed (that you can’t see from this angle) that measures 4′ by 5′.  And a triangle shaped bed directly in front of the husband… but it only has day lilies in it .  There’s also two other medium-ish beds in other areas.

IMG_3652 Here is the medium 4′ by 5′ bed….. the stalks are garlic that’s been growing since last fall.  They should be ready to harvest soon, hopefully.  The sad little plant there being watered is watermelon.

IMG_3649These are our three smaller 2′ by 3′ beds.  The far bed has yellow crookneck squash, the middle bed has green beans and the near very shaded bed has okra.  We’ll see how they do, for whatever reason these beds never seem to be as prolific as our others…despite testing and amending the soil.

IMG_3650This is the larger 5′ by 10′ bed by the fence.  You can see here cucumber by the trellis and more yellow squash in the foreground.  The other end of the trellis will have Christmas Pole Lima beans.  We direct sowed some beans when everything else was planted…. but they still haven’t come up yet :-/

The other larger bed, that’s not pictured, has zucchini and more okra.

IMG_3647And finally…. here we have our tomato starts, which are right now just hanging out getting used to being outdoors.  Hopefully, if the weather holds we’ll get them in the ground this weekend.  We’re doing five different varieties this year: Chadwick Cherry, Sungold, Mortgage Lifter, Pink Brandywine and Big Rainbow.  The last couple of seasons haven’t been that great for tomatoes, but fingers-crossed we’ll get a lot this season, because home grown canned tomatoes > store bought canned tomatoes!

The two other beds we have that weren’t pictured at all have garlic and spring onions in one and blueberry bushes in the other.  We also have a fig tree that just got put in the ground this past fall and some small citrus trees in pots… meyer lemon and mandarin orange to be exact.

So, there you have it Spring Garden 2015!  I figure I’ll take some more pictures in another month or so and show you how it’s coming along.  Until then hopefully there will be more crafty posts… made even more finished garments!  Or not who knows?!


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