Works in Progress II ….aka What I did on Spring Break

Well…. Spring Break is sadly coming to an end 😦  Projects were started, projects were completed, and much time was spent lounging in bed in my PJs 😀

IMG_3625I have now finished the body for my Cropped Sweater for Winter and it actually fits!!!!!  Despite photo evidence to the contrary I am really excited about this!  I was so excited in fact I took this photo before I had fully bond it off 🙂

IMG_3626In other news, I cut and did a basted together mock-up of my very first Renfrew.  This is also very exciting because it fits too!!  I’m now working on putting it together for real…..ignore the wine glass 😉

You may be wondering, dear reader, why I’m so excited to have tops fit me.  You see when I first began sewing and knitting I had a hell of a time getting things to fit the *ahem* “girls”.  In fact, I have a skirt I refer to as The Failed Dress, because it was only after cutting the entire thing and getting half way done I realized there was NO WAY the bodice was EVER going to fit 😦

IMG_3615Aaaaannnnd the Spring garden has been started!  Technically, the Husband did all the work on this one, but I’m taking credit anyways….. that’s how marriage works isn’t it? 😉

[Side note: This is our “Grow Closet”, it’s funny ’cause it makes us sound like pot growers. (Side side note: to local law enforcement we do not grow pot, I repeat we do not grow pot…please don’t raid our house). The Husband actually built everything you see here including the table, light, and fan… I have to brag on him ’cause I know he’d never do it himself 🙂 ]

IMG_3616We’ve got yellow squash, cucumber, okra, green beans, and four different varieties of tomatoes coming up here!  Seeds that haven’t sprouted yet include- zucchini, green peppers, and watermelon.

And there you have it My Spring Break…. getting drunk at Mardi Gras in New Orleans it is not (which was Spring Break 10 years ago)…. of course neither was it working all day in the library on my master’s degree Case Study while periodically questioning my life choices (which was last years Spring Break)!


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