Mustard Corduroy Ginger Skirt

Hellloooo dear reader!  I am smack in the middle of our Spring Break…which means more time off….which means I finally finished my Ginger Skirt!


IMG_3613This is as I mentioned earlier the second Ginger skirt I’ve made.  My first Ginger was actually exactly same except navy with red trim.

IMG_3607I’m much happier with this version.  If I remember correctly the navy/red version was one of (if not THE) first piece of clothing I sewed.  I somehow made it too large….which is impressive because I’ve put on a good 5-10lbs and it still doesn’t fit quite right!  (Which is just as well since it has a hole in it now.)  This is the exact same size (size 14) and as you see it fits pretty well.  I suspect I fucked up the seam allowance somehow on the original.

IMG_3609The fabric is a really nice 100% cotton corduroy from Mulberry Silks, an independent fabric store in Chapel Hill, NC.  It’s light and airy, which is great now that it’s starting to warm up!  I have a weakness for quality fabric :-/

IMG_3603I used the waistband from version 2, but the skirt body from version 3…because I’m a rebel! Always keep them guessing, that’s what I say!  I do like the way it creates a subtle chevron pattern with the cords.  So subtle, in fact, you don’t really have to worry about pattern matching, ’cause really….. ain’t no one got time for that shit!

IMG_3604As you can see I just pinked the seams.  It worked for the first Ginger, fingers-crossed it’ll work for this one.  And sadly no lace hem tape on this project.

I topstitched both the waistband and the hem.  Instead of topstitching thread I just doubled up on regular cotton thread.  Lladybird wrote about using that method… I figure if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me!  Plus, no need to make extra trips out when you realize you don’t have any navy topstitching thread- BONUS!

IMG_3606 I used this tutorial to add the flat piping to the waistband and this tutorial to MAKE the flat piping.  I’m very proud of that bias tape!  The first Ginger I ended up with three lengths of tape, as opposed to one continuous length.  This time one beautiful continuous length- hell yeah improvements!

I did however have a heck of a time lining up the zipper…. and you can see it’s still a bit off.  Oh well, if it was too perfect you couldn’t tell it was hand made 🙂

I’m excited about my time off… I’m already starting on a new project and I’m making lots of progress with my sweater!  So, tune in for more posts 🙂

* Photos of me in the skirt were taken by the ever gracious Jen, who stopped by on her way home from work.  Go check out her blog as she struggles with spandex!


11 thoughts on “Mustard Corduroy Ginger Skirt

  1. Ditto on the waistband love. You know I love my muted colors, but I’m really into this mustard yellow on you. Perhaps it’s the whiff of the 70’s that I appreciate. Anyway, well done! This skirt looks great.

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