Someone gave me an Award?! …..also Pi Day!!

Originally I was going to post this last week and I had a whole opening about how I managed two posts in one week again….but that didn’t happen  :-/  Aaaannd I’m too lazy to come up with another opening so here: 

Another two posts in one week! That’s just crazy talk….although if it’s any portent for the last time I posted twice in one week it probably means there’ll be nothing for two weeks!  Oh well, thems the breaks.

So… I evidently got nominated for a Liebster Award!  So, far as I can tell this “award” is basically a way to bring attention to cool blogs you are familiar with in order to get other people familiar with them and also to recognize peoples general awesomeness 🙂  [It also strikes me as vaguely chain letter-y with rules, but fuck it I’m a rebel who thumbs her nose at rules]


First, up the person who nominated me… Amanda of manda made it.  I met Amanda through our mutual sewing friend Jen… see below.  We bonded over our love of Colette Patterns and vintage patterns.  Amanda just recently completed a rather intense project…her third kid!  You should all check out her blog and the adorable vintage clothes she makes for her young’uns…. I mean just look at this shit!

Next….the people I nominate…. [Evidently, these people are then suppose to nominate others, who then nominate others and so on… Hence the chain letter-y aspect.  Please note if I nominate you you don’t have to do shit afterwards!]

Jen of Quest of Quirkiness…. I met Jen through our friend Elizabeth (see below again).  Jen is a totally awesome sewer… I am always impressed by her ability to draft her OWN patterns.  She does a lot of very cool cosplay stuff and corset making!

Next we have Elizabeth of humblehomespun….I met Elizabeth through work and she is probably the main reason I finally started sewing instead of constantly  talking about how I want to learn to sew 🙂  Recently, she has wandered into the fun and maddening world of EMBROIDERY!

Finally we have Constance of Yarning Over the Days….. I have never met nor really interacted with Constance, but I LOVE her knitting and her style in general!

And because this post is kinda wordy and dry…. I give you How I Celebrated Pi Day!

Pecan Pie and QuicheBe Jealous!

That right there is Quiche Lorraine and my famous (among people who have tried it) Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie!


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