Works in Progress

Long time no see, dear reader!  I’ve been very, very busy doing important things like reading the second A Game of Thrones book (and yes I know the series is not actually called A Game of Thrones), NOT cleaning my house, and other actually important things.  In between all that I’ve been slowly working on a few projects.

First up, we have the very slowest project:

Ginger Skirt_Inprogress

This is my second Ginger skirt by Colette Patterns. Everything about this is the exactly the same as the first skirt I made, except different fabric.  You are perhaps noticing a theme? I’m kinda (….ok VERY) obsessed with Colette Patterns.  However, I’ve been dragging my feet on this project.  I could probably finish it in one good sewing session, but I just haven’t been feeling sewing lately.


That’s because I’ve been KNITTING!!

I’ve been making a lot of progress on this sweater and because I’m trying so hard to have it actually fit me I’ve been spending a lot of time at my local yarn shop.  I’m almost to the color-block scalloping section.  I’ve never done Stranded knitting before…. hooray for learning new skillz!  (P.S. Despite all evidence to the contrary, this is a teal and mustard sweater- the colors don’t photograph well for some reason)

At this point I was going to post pictures of the husband and I starting seeds for the Spring garden…… but that still hasn’t happened :-/

So…that’s it!  Hopefully the sewing bug will bite again and I’ll finally finish that skirt 🙂


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