Winter Garden Dinner….a post not about sewing/knitting!

Did you think I forgot about you, dear reader?  Well I didn’t… I just had more important shit to do- Iike read A Game of Thrones! (Spoiler: EVERYONE DIES!)  However, between reading about the exploits of Ayra and Tyrion I made a tasty dinner from very, very local ingredients.  So local, in fact, I only had to walk a few paces out my back door to get them.  That’s right I grew all that shit!  Even more impressive since it’s the dead of winter. [although in Charleston winter should really be in “quotes”]

So, what did I make/grow you may ask.  Well, first up we have Christmas Pole Lima Beans.

Pretty, aren't they?

Pretty, aren’t they?

Sadly, they don’t stay that vibrant when cooked.  They are a nice big, meaty bean.  In fact, I learned very quickly to just have them in place of meat ’cause with an additional protein it’s just too much.  I cooked them with red wine, chicken stock, water and thyme.  And it took FOREVER!  In the future I need to plan ahead and give them a good overnight soak.

While the beans were cooking I cooked a couple of pieces of bacon and then caramelized a thinly sliced onion in the leftover fat…. that’s right I cook with bacon fat and it’s DELICIOUS!  Once the beans finally finished cooking I added those bad boys to the onions, thickened it up with some reserved cooking liquid and mixed in the bacon. BAM! Dinner!

These were in the dirt literally moments before this photo was taken.

A Song of Carrots and Kale.

But wait there’s more!  In addition to delicious, bacon-y lima beans.  There was garlic kale.  Which consists of an obscene amount of garlic, olive oil, torn kale, and then a bit of chicken stock for steaming purposes.

Plus roasted carrots– carrots ,olive oil, thyme, salt, oven…. in that order.  So easy.

Apologies for the terrible lighting.  We didn't eat till 9pm....stupid beans!

Apologies for the terrible lighting. We didn’t eat till 9pm….stupid beans!

And there you have it.  Homegrown dinner….. in the middle of “winter”.

There will be more sewing posts….maybe even later this week. I know two posts in one week- IT’S MADNESS!


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