Stuff to do in 2015….maybe!

Now…I know what you’re saying “Liz-o-matic it’s February you can’t be making a sewing/knitting/other junk goal list in February!”  Well, too bad! As we’ve already established I’M A REBEL not living by society’s ‘rules’…. also…. I didn’t have time to make it earlier :-/

So, without further ado Stuff I May or May Not Accomplish in 2015!


I have one goal and one goal only for knitting in 2015 and that is to knit a sweater that actually FITS.  You see dear reader I’m what they call curvy, an hourglass figure….in layman’s terms I’ve got big boobs and a big butt!   [And now I would like to take the opportunity to welcome the new readers who stumbled on this post through weird search terms involving boob/butt and knitting!]
So far, I have made two sweaters in my knitting career:

My first was a bolero (pattern) which wasn’t exactly fitted, but turned out fine if some what tight in the arms.

My second attempt was the Miette cardigan (pattern) and it turned out great….except for the fact that there is no way in HELL I would ever be able to to actually button it up! I didn’t even bother to sew the super cool vintage buttons I got for it on  😦  (To be fair- in talking with my local knitting store peeps things may have gone wrong in the blocking portion of the process)

But all of that is in the past for I shall be making THIS:

I did not take this picture.  Source.

I did not take this picture. Source. (please don’t sue me)

Cropped Sweater for Winter by the totally awesome Andi Satterlund.  I’ve actually already started it and am working with my knitting store peeps to ensure I end up with something that does indeed fit 🙂


My sewing goal list is longer and less definite, but there are three things which I would actually like to do:

  • Finally make this cape! I want to do this right….try to include some legit tailoring techniques and what not.  I’m actually viewing it as practice to one day make a coat.
    Cape....the non-super kind.

    Cape….the non-super kind.

    As you can see I have all the major materials (which may or may not have been purchased this time last year :-/ )…. I just need to start it!

  • Make a T-shirt! Now if you’re anything like my Mother you’re at this point saying “Why would you make a t-shirt when can get them so cheap?”  Because I’m tired of my favorite t-shirts falling apart after only a few wears!  Plus, I want get into making wardrobe staples.
    Future pretty green t-shirt!

    Future pretty green t-shirt!

    I’m going to be trying the Renfrew– I’ve actually taken this out to start on it a few times but am kinda stuck.  You see the pattern is designed for pear shaped individuals and as we’ve already established- boobs.  Do I try grading the pattern? Do I try a FBA (see below), which seems kinda silly when dealing with knits? Or do I just throw caution into the wind, live up to my rebel tendencies, and just try it?

  • Successfully do a FBA!  This is something I NEED to learn to do.  All the big four sewing pattern companies design their patterns with a B-cup in mind…. Even my beloved Collette brand, who specifically designs with the hourglass shape in mind, only use a C-cup.  So, unless I plan on dropping 25lbs (which I DO NOT), this is a skill I need to acquire.

Other Stuff

  • Make pâte….I bought duck livers from a local farmer a while ago and I really need to get cracking on this.
  • Run a 5k….I’ve gotten pretty good about running during my lunch break and can now do 1 mile without dying- score one for the asthmatic! But I recognize there’s a slight difference between 1 mile and 3.106 miles.

So that is my list.  Be sure to check back to see if ANY of these things actually happen….. or not.


4 thoughts on “Stuff to do in 2015….maybe!

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