Stuff I made in 2014…and hey look I have a blog!

I always said when I finished Graduate School I would start a blog…. I’m coming up on the one year mark of finishing so I figured I better follow through.  Although… I guess now I should be saying ‘I’ll start a blog when I get a well paying job with benefits’, but who knows when that’ll happen! HAHAHahaha….. *goes to cry in corner*.

But nevermind that! I have THINGS to show you…. things I’ve made!*



This represents most of what I made in 2014.  It was surprising hard to figure out what had been made this past year and what had been made in previous years :-/

You will see from left to right:
1. A holiday skirt made for a December wedding.

2. 3/8 of my first pair of socks…. this has since been shoved into a bag in the corner of my sewing room, because it refuses to become actual socks!

3. Peony Quilting Cotton Sleevless Summer Dress (pattern)….this has become one of my favorite dresses! You will notice it looks a bit different from the pattern….because I CHANGED it! *GASP* pretty brazen of me, huh? I’m a rebel…get used to it! (I’m not really…. that’s a lie)

4. Grey Wool Zinnia (pattern)….legit my favorite skirt!

5. Yellow Slouchy Hat (pattern). My go to bad hair day hat.

6. Navy linen pencil skirt.  This turned out GREAT, until I wore it and discovered that there’s probably too much stretch in the fabric. Oh and that linen wrinkles…go figure! 😛

7. Finally, on top you will find my Final Case Study for graduate school….’cause that shit took FOREVER!

After the above photo was taken it was pointed out to me there was a least one more dress I had failed to include:

The forgotten dress.

The forgotten dress.

The Lavender Gingham Wrap dress- this (pattern) includes a lot of firsts for me…. first time trying french seams, first time hand-stitching a hem, also first project of 2014.  Which is why it’s disappointing I never seem to wear it….   Still trying to figure that one out.

At any rate- this concludes the projects I made in 2014.  I may revisit some of these and do more full posts on one or two… or not.  You’ll just have to come back and find out dear reader!

*Please note- I did not make a cat….that is El Meow and she refused to move out of the picture.


5 thoughts on “Stuff I made in 2014…and hey look I have a blog!

  1. Yeah…. when it warms up I’m going to try to figure out why I don’t seem to wear it as much, I’m pretty sure it’s a combination of length and sleeve facings not staying put :-/


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